Girls Varsity Powerlifting · Girls Varsity Powerlifting finishes 1st place at Kansas 5A Powerlifting Championship

  Place Points
Lansing High School 1st 211
Bonner Springs High School 2nd 210
Goddard High School 3rd 201
Shawnee Heights High School 4th 92
Turner High School 5th 85
Leavenworth High School 6th 84
Pittsburg High School 7th 69
Seaman High School 8th 64
Valley Center High School 9th 60
Kapaun Mount Carmel High School 10th 52
Eisenhower High School 11th 40
Salina South High School 12th 36
Mill Valley High School 13th 25
Liberal High School 14th 11

The Lady Lions won the Kansas 5A Powerlifting Championship, finishing 1st place out of 14 teams. They finished with 211 team points on the day.

Here were the top lifters for the Lions:

Samantha Masisak – 5th 105 lbs, 3rd Bench, 5th Clean
Feliciana Otano – 105 lbs, 5th Squat, 6th Clean
April Jackson – 3rd 114 lbs, 3rd Bench, 4th Squat, 2nd Clean
Medow Garcia – 6th 114 lbs, 5th Bench
Alyssa Foley – 2nd 123 lbs, st Bench, 4th Squat, 2nd Clean
Marissa Ober – 3rd 123 lbs, 5th Bench, 3rd Squat, 3rd Clean
Natalie Barrett – 5th 132 lbs, 5th Bench, 5th Clean
Alex Evans – 6th 132 lbs
Haley Sundblom – 132 lbs, 3rd Bench
Taylor Barnett – 140 lbs, 4th Squat
Haley Masisak – 4th 148 lbs, 6th Squat, 2nd Clean
Cayleigh Berry – 3rd 156 lbs, 2nd Bench, 2nd Squat, 4th Clean
Emma DaMetz – 5th 156 lbs, 4th Bench, 4th Squat, 6th Clean
Alexis Solomon – 6th 156 lbs, 5th Bench, 6th Squat, 5th Clean
Alli Johnson – 3rd 165 lbs, 4th Bench, 3rd Squat, 3rd Clean
Regan Rambo – 5th 165 lbs, 5th Bench, 5th Squat, 4th Clean
Mirinda Lowery – 6th 165 lbs, 6th Bench, 4th Squat
Maggie Bell – 5th PWT, 5th Squat, 5th Clean